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 Relational wellbeing in the lives of young 
 refugees in  Finland, Norway and Scotland 

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How do young refugees rebuild their everyday life in Finland, Norway and Scotland?


Our project focuses on the new life that is built after permission to settle is granted.

We are working with groups of young refugees in Finland, Norway, and Scotland over a period of three years to examine how they draw and describe their networks and relationships. Through a series of art workshops and interviews, we explore how their social networks flow and evolve over time. In addition we interview people who participants nominate as a ‘value person’ in their social networks. In this way we also consider how Finns, Norwegians and the British make room for these young refugees in their countries.


In this project we focus on mutuality, hospitality and reciprocity. The stories that we gather are about building peace and prosperity for each other as an expression of relational wellbeing.

Our team consists of researchers, art therapists and artists. We are based in Bergen, Glasgow, Tampere and Turku.


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Photograph © Art Refuge.

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