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Finland's Tampere team prepares for fieldwork.

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I joined the Drawing Together team in August 2020 as a research assistant, and I feel blessed to be part of this fascinating and inspiring project.

Here in Tampere, Finland our preparations for fieldwork are well underway! Pilot interviews are completed, our website has been launched, and we have made contact with several potential participants. We are also very pleased to have two Ambassadors on board to help us with the participant recruitment. Throughout the project these Ambassadors will act as liaisons between the participants and the Tampere research team, helping to maintain contact during the long gaps between workshops.

The COVID-19 situation has certainly had an impact on our planning and preparations. As an international study on relational wellbeing, this project will be facing some challenges. Despite this, I feel confident that we will succeed in finding creative solutions to all the issues that we face. If all goes well, we will be conducting our first art workshop in November of this year.

We are excited to bring this project to life!

Nick Haswell



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