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Norway Team’s first art workshop 09.01.21

Reporting: Masego Katisi

The Art workshop is a key cornerstone in the Drawing Together Project. Our first workshop day 09.01.21 arrived with excitement and curiosity. Five young adults participated in the workshop. The workshop took place at the Norce building in the city of Bergen, Norway. We all embraced and followed COVID-19 regulations with ease. Our artist, Christine Hoem, gave a brief presentation on art, the role of objects and the process of creating collages. Participants came ready with objects that represent a relationship that make them feel well in the present.

To start the art activity, Christine gave participants a relaxing exercise on art which made everyone create their collage freely and comfortably in a unique way. Participants used all sorts of art material to create their own collages: pictures from magazines, newspapers, maps from atlases, internet prints, textile, paint, coloured pencils and own writings.

With earlier written consent, participants’ collage creation process was photographed at different phases - as the artwork evolved. We took stationery photographs of their artwork through the light box and noted additions they made to their collage at every phase.

There was such variety in the objects, and the pieces of art around them, as well as the messages they represent. It was moving and interesting to hear each participant share the meaning of their collage, at the end of the workshop.

Most importantly we observed our participants chat in a relaxed way after the workshop - seemingly a small emerging community for future activities of this research project. This first workshop seemed a great experience for everyone.


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