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Workshop 2 – The Future

We were excited that we would finally meet all the 16 participants in person since COVID 19 restrictions were relaxed at the time we had Workshop 2 ‘About the future’. It would bring another feeling of community, real in person human exchange! Many came for the workshop on 04 September 2021. Only 4 out of the 16 did not turn up for different reasons, for whom are planning a separate small workshop.

A variety of art materials were displayed for the participants to use: paints, pencils, pictures of all kinds, magazines, textiles.

Participants sounded eager and optimistic as they shared about how they see their future. Many mentioned studying and completing university/college courses. It was interesting to hear a good number talking about working with their Norwegian colleagues to give back to their countries of origion (for example medical services, helping children). Some talked about establishing own families – getting married, having children, buying houses. One said they would like to make a film of their story and how life evolved from their home country to the ‘future.’

It was interesting to see some create tangible buildings and use tangible objects like toy cars, toy superheroes, toy houses to visualise their future through art. The artworks were pieces of amazing stories, dreams, wishes and concrete plans for the future. The process was documented and animated.


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